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2016 -First on the easel

Here we go! As always I hope the new year will be better than last year… Oil painting on wood panel seems like the perfect way to begin. Here’s a start on a new painting. 18 x 24.    


Paint on resin

Here’s a couple of customized resins I modded for the Stranger Factory Winter Salon V show. Mr. Beaker is based on a Brandt Peters 9″ Skelve. Bucky began as my own resin casting and then he grew antlers and some all American paint. Acrylic and resin sculpting on resin castings.    


Walter magazine cover

Pine Cone’s leader, William Lewis.  He’s Raleigh’s stringed music ambassador. Oil/acrylic on wood. Always a bit more self-imposed pressure when you’re friends with the person you’re trying to paint and a fan of the music.


Princess Parasite

Linocut fever! Bloody rusty red ink on a nice engraving paper. Printing these was such a relief after a rough week of digital headaches. Go Old School and don’t lose your data. 12 x 16 paper Get one in my store.