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Winter Fell

Wood carvings

I’m finally digging in with V-gouge carving tools that were gifted to me by my brother for Christmas. I do freaking love a new medium, the sawdust and wood shavings clinging to my clothes are ok with me. There’s just something so nostalgic about wood carving that resonates deeply. I imagine myself in some past, […]


Paint on resin

Here’s a couple of customized resins I modded for the Stranger Factory Winter Salon V show. Mr. Beaker is based on a Brandt Peters 9″ Skelve. Bucky began as my own resin casting and then he grew antlers and some all American paint. Acrylic and resin sculpting on resin castings.    


Walter magazine cover

Pine Cone’s leader, William Lewis.  He’s Raleigh’s stringed music ambassador. Oil/acrylic on wood. Always a bit more self-imposed pressure when you’re friends with the person you’re trying to paint and a fan of the music.